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Oro Bueno

The world’s first dividend paying decentralized investment platform targeting the field of precious metals extraction.


Management team with positive relationships and respected track records.

Mining Projects

Moving forward to production.


Oro Bueno is a corporation directed by seasoned mining and business professionals raising funds via the blockchain. By issuing securities on the blockchain, we are able to raise capital faster than a private offering, and cheaper than launching an IPO. Investors that participate in this offering will receive a token that grants them dividends based on the success of the mine.

Mohave County Gold

Arizona is the second largest mining State in the US (after Nevada), is very pro-business, and in the words of Arizona Governor Ducey is “moving at the speed of business”. The Black Mountains (site of both the Frisco and Van Deeman) are the most prolific gold producing range in Arizona having a total past production in excess of 3 million ounces. Mohave County ranks as the second highest gold producing county in Arizona and Frisco believes that it is the most “mining-friendly” county anywhere.

Oro Bueno management have identified and acquired the Frisco deposit which will produce gold within a year, the Van Deemen which will require two years before production and the Alamo, a new discovery which has yielded large nuggets from initial prospecting efforts.

Oro Bueno ICO

The Oro Bueno ICO is an opportunity for investors around the world to participate in the Company’s revenue generation at the Frisco Gold Deposit, Alamo, and Van Deeman through ownership of Tokens, which have the potential to increase in value.  More Info>>

The Oro Bueno Corporation’s goal is the generation of income through responsible mining practices, which in turn provides the Company with wealth for stakeholders, employees, and the communities with which the company partners. The company principals are seasoned mining, financial and business professionals, with in-depth knowledge of the projects.

Gold and Crypto - the best of both worlds

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